Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Summer 08

I just realized that I never posted this picture. It is from September but its better late then never i suppose! Thanks Kyle for taking it!

Big Ol Happy Pumpkin

This is a huge pumpkin that someone constructed at the end of our street, right when you turn onto our street. It was very clever and took the ladly that did it an entire day and after a wind storm the other day she went and cleaned it up to tried to fix it the best she could. There is no lack in Halloween spirit on our street. Our house is one of the only ones not decorated.


The first Sharpay costume didn't work out so well. By the time I picked her up from dance it was falling apart. So I hit the Disney store at Az mills in search of a new costume. They had no HSM costumes so we settled for this Camp rock costume that we figured could pass as Sharpay! WOW was the first thing Josh said when he saw it and WOW is right! As you can tell she just LOVES it so It is perfect!
Don't worry I will post pictures of Colin soon! He is going to be a Football Player! So cute but not nearly as flashy as his sis!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So Sharpay!

Well I did it the dreaded homeade costume! The Sharpay costumes in maricopa were limited to this blue mermaid looking dress she wore in HSM. I didn't like it and it was sleeveless so I decided what the heck I can make my own sharpay costume. Well you be the judge :). Im not sure it was a good idea to let a 3 year old be sharpay but she sure had her heart set on it. She has the attitude some days too! Well enjoy the pictures of my sassy girl. This is the first day she got to wear her costume for dance... tomorrow for preschool and Friday for trick or treating of course! For those of you that don't know who Sharpay is she is a character from Highschool Musical! One of Taylor's Favorite movies.

Monday, October 27, 2008

October is here and Gone!

Here it is already the end of October! I can hardly believe it! It such an exciting time for us. Like the previous post said we just got our new Reedley which has kept us extra busy the last week. I am still working on the Vinyl lettering thing... I went to a show on Saturday and had a few orders! Wahoo! Keep it in mind for Chirstmas gifts! So along with that Josh is doing school, Taylor has dance and school, I am still working and we are trying to prepare to move into our new house which is coming right along. I wish it would come quicker. Oh yeah and I am FINALLY looking a little pregnant. I think my belly gets bigger everyday. I had one request for belly pictures but It might take a little more than that to get them up on here :) Well as for pictures we carved a pumpkin and had such a good time that I think I will stop by the store and pick up a couple more to carve on wednesday. Here are some pictures of the kids and Josh carving the first of our pumpkins!

A new addition

We did it! Well not a baby girl yet, or not that kind of baby girl anyway! We bought a puppy! She is SWEET! She is great with the kids and the kids love her of course. Taylor never wants to be away from Home because she is always worried about what her puppy is doing. We named her Reedley and she is 11 weeks old. She is half miniature pincher and half Chihuahua. She is lovable and so cuddly. They said she was mostly potty trained but I have yet to see that. She still has LOTS of accidents. She is well worth training and working through it all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MORE vinyl

A serving try I have had for a couple years!
I love these Christmas Decorations!

Blocks we made for Jillian Jones' room! Thought they turned out great!
One of my favorite quotes.
Live, Laugh, Love a set for the wall.

I know you might be getting sick of seeing these. I mostly post them so my mom can see them.

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