Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well Well well... Look at me another month and a half has gone by and we have been up to many joyful activties yet I have failed in one more catagory of my life.... I love this blog and looking back at it and it bums me out when I realize I have failed to keep it updated! So I may not get it all done now but guess what is in store! Here are some teasers!
*Thanks Giving in Idaho( I know it is January but I have a few pictures and we had Ward Family pictures done so I will post a few)
* Josh's Birthday ( a seriously Hideous cake once again! Woohoo for me)
* Christmas
* New Years Eve ( Ass burger Traditions)
* Sploozebells( I don't know if I have any pictures but I want to blab about it)
* Taylor Turns 5!!!
* Taylors Build a Bear Birthday Party
* Disney On Ice
and since I won't get all that done by Monday
* Bounce Jungle!

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