Saturday, September 26, 2009


I know this may seem a little Random but I found this adoption story and I thought it was AMAZING! We know many people who have adopted or are seeking children to adopt.
This is the birth mother's story and she writes it beautifully. I just thought it was worth sharing because it is a wonderful emotional story that is real and continues. I think this birth mom deserves support for being so wonderful. Check out her story here thehappiestsad.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

MO Buddies!

I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband who LOVES to spend time with our kids and me!!! He is just the best dad and so when Morgyn was hanging with him he was thrilled! She was completely enjoying her Daddy time as well. The other kids were in bed so she got to have daddy and some popcorn all to herself.


Does this mean he will go Pro?

I had mentioned in my last post that Colin picks a toy in the morning and carries it all day. I wish I would have taken pictures throughout the day with this one. He took it to the store, the bank, out side to play, in the bath and then to bed. Notice he is even holding it right! :) He can play ball in his sleep! I can hope right! I am so excited for him to get to play football. We even go out to the park some Saturday nights and watch the little boys play. HE LOVES to watch!

Monday, September 21, 2009

An Update

I haven't posted in a while so I thought it might be time for an update.
I have such a wonderful little family and they say and do the cutest and most wonderful things.
TaylorTay is going up so quickly she has become a very good little communicator. She LOVES to talk! She talks to everyone but is a little shy at first just like I was when I was her age hiding behind my moms leg. Then as soon as she feel comfortable the jabbering starts.
She also loves to sing, dance, color and paint. She is a sweet blessing in our home. Preschool started about 6 weeks ago and she is loving it. She is used to doing other activites along with preschool so she is finding herself a little bored some days but has had more time to spend playing with her brother and helping mommy around the house. She is becoming such a beautiful and smart little girl I think she is Daddy's very best friend! He loves to spend time chatting with her and playing games with her. She adores his attention of course and values his opinion on things. She is starting to be very observant and notice the things around her. Like a car that is the same color or make as ours things I sometimes don't even notice.
She says things like
Mommy- Red means HOT! and Blue means WARM (refering to the kitchen fauset.) In arizona that is true. Poor girl may never know the blue means cold :)
She also has come up with funny nick names for people.
She insists that her Uncle Bob is actually Uncle BobCat.... Juni bears daddy
She calls her self Taylor Swift Hannah Montana Princess Sparkles Martin
Today we had this conversation:
T: What color are your eyes?
M: They are blue.
T: Hmmmm, Let me see.
Nope they are green just like Daddy's, sorry nothing you can do about it. She is so fun loving and sweet. What a little blessing she is in our home!

COLIN Oh Our sweet little boy. He is as loveable as ever but man can he be a stinker! He always beats me with those BEAUTIFUL blue eyes. He is still as active and crazy as ever, he is a ball of energy and fun. He is learning to talk really well and can communicate his needs very well. He love to play with Taylor and run around the year with Reedley. He usually will pick 2-5 toys in the morning that seem to stick with him until he is asleep. He eats with them near, he plays with them, he sleeps with them and so on. We have been working on potty training slowly and trying to let him pace it because he is still young. He does really well some days and won't do it at all other days. We usually can guess which way it is going to go. If I ask him in the morning and he tells me " Its working!" or on other days " sorry mommy its broken, its not working sorry." It is a bit of a challenge but he is so very much fun! He love boy things like balls, cars and trucks but can be the most sensative little thing around. If you catch him when he is happy he is so very fun but catch him tired and hungry and you may want to watch out. We love him despite his stubborn personality. He is a wonderful little boy and it is amazing to watch him grow. He is such a joyful blessing in our home!

My dear little lady, I can not believe that she is already 7 months old. I don't know where the time has gone. She is doing wonderfully. Her heart condition seems to be under control and we don't have to see the Cardiologist until Dec. WAHOO! We are so very blessed! Morgyn is a happy baby, she is not still a bit spoiled but she is lots of fun. She isn't very fond of solid baby food but she love food. She like to eat fruit out of that little mesh spoon thing. She also love the little stars and yogurt bites and crackers. Numbered List
She doesn't have any teeth yet and I don't even know how much she weighs! I do know she is chubby and sweet! She has started to army crawl and is working her way to fully crawling Im not sure Im ready for that! She grows and learns new things everday and enriches and blesses our lives constantly! We are so LUCKY! to have her! I can't imagine our family had we lost her. I try to cherish that she is a healthy little one every day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun Day with Family

These are pictures from Sunday after Aimee got home. Just before we headed back to AZ! This is the first time we have had all the grandkids together Thanks to some strategic measures by Mom and Janis. This was also Bobs Birthday!

Idaho Summer 2009

Mo and Aunt Aimee, she loved playing with her AuntiesMy Beautiful Girl in the Idaho sunshineAunti Aimee got all my kids to sleep at one point. Doesn't she look comfy! We got to pic-nic at Nana's it was really fun to share this with my kids because this is one of my favorite childhood memories.

Nana and Mo. This is the first time Nana has got to hold her.

The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE to get to go to grammys and make pizza! It makes them feel so big and very special Grammy and Mo! Best buddies from the moment she arrived!
Taylors Masterpiece
Taylor's favorite part about going to grammy's work is getting to do the dishes, she is usually soaked by the time we leave and the dishes are semi-clean

Tay showing off her shirt~ Pre race Janis, Angie(friend of mom and janis's) Mom
Daddy and his girls waiting to see Grammy come in on her bike!
Colin cheering for Grandma!
These are the shirts we made for each of the grandkids that were there to cheer grammy on!
Bunko Night! Mom with the Travlers hat! She WON!
Janis, Mom and Bob at the Losers table for a bit!

Welcome Home Aunt Aimee Here are the signs the kids made!
This post is a long time coming but here it is pictures from our blissfully cool trip to Idaho. We got to see Aimee home from her mission to Brazil, we got to watch Janis and My Mom run in a triathalon, make pizza, hang out with cousins and friends! SO MUCH FUN! OH and fishing of course! We have been back for a while getting back into the swing of things but we had LOts of fun! Here is a picture OVERLOAD!

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