Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A grateful Day. Babblings of Kara....

OK so I am a crazy mess today. I have come to realize the year is almost over, Morgyn is nearly 1 and I am so grateful for the blessing we have received this year.

Last night as Josh and I were going over our savings and budget for the next few months the date of Feb 4th came up! WHAT!!!! We are already that close to FEB!!! I couldn't believe it. Instantly my eyes filled with tears as they are right now just thinking back. So here is the thing.

I didn't do an I'm Thankful posted as many of my friends and family did I don't think I even sat down and truly thought about Thanksgiving because we were having such a great time in Idaho. So now I sit here tears in my eyes thinking about all the things I am grateful for.

1. I am so grateful for my little family~ I have a wonderful husband who loves me and my kids. He cherishes me and thinks about us always! He is extremely sexy and has eyes only for me!!! Isn't that amazing! As the worlds immorality seems to close around us and force itself upon even the best of couples Josh stays true to me as I do to him and he loves me unconditionally! How amazing is that!!!! I have great kids! Taylor is growing into such a wonderful little girl. She is smart thoughtful and tender hearted! She loves her family and her dog in such a passionate way. She is honest and loyal! I hope that I can continue to teach her in righteousness. Colin is my boy! He is so sweet and lovable, he is fun and exciting. He is strong willed and determined. He will make a great missionary one day and I know thanks to the examples of his dad and uncles he will change the lives of Many. Morgyn oh morgyn, she is a sweet sweet girl, her smile is infectious. She is our miracle and that humbles me daily.

2. I want to continue on my Gratitude for little Mo. She is truly a miracle. I came upon pictures of her at the hospital yesterday, it shocked me. She was nearly BLACK she was so blue. At first as I sat and looked at the pictures I was angry. Asking how could they not know something was wrong! How could I not know! She didn't even look like she belonged to us! Then the softness filled me and I was grateful for the nurse that did do something! Thankful to my husband who has the priesthood and blessed her and me that night! I am Thankful for modern medicine and the good Doctors who took such good care of my sweet little girl~ We really could have lost her that night and I do not know what I would have done if that would have happened. I'm glad I don't have to know. I want to think I would have picked up and moved on for the sake of my eternal family, I don't know if I really would have had the strength to do so. I know Josh would have carried me through and I know he has/had the strength to do so because he was preparing to. I am grateful that Morgyn is developing well! I have a crazy pit in my stomach thinking about the Cardiologist appointment next week but we will deal with that when it comes.

3. I am grateful for good friends~ In the last year I have grown apart from some friends but gained SO many new ones! I have friends that seem to just know when I need a little pick me up, extra push or a phone call. I have friends who just appear and have the right thing to say or the right way to help. I love being able to go out at least for bunco nights every month~ I really enjoy the girls time I get every now and then. The quality of the people in my life right now is so HIGH!

4. Work, I know work is tough for Josh at times but he continues on. I am so grateful he has a job and a great paying one at that! We are able to save money most months and in this economy that seems amazing to me~ I am grateful for the opportunities he has opened up for us by being such a hard worker~

Anyway those are the things on my mind today along with
Christmas is almost here no stopping it! Then the new year! I can not believe it!
Taylor is almost 5! Where has the time gone! Then Morgyn will be 1. Our Anniversary and birthday are coming this month too and there seems to be no time to celebrate or do anything special for my amazing hubby~ I feel a bit crazy but happy at the same time~ Oh dear me~

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What else happend in October?

This is before Halloween but the best picture I have of Colin and Tay since Colin got sick on Halloween and threw up all over his costume.

We went to the trunk or treat where we enjoyed seeing many of our friends all dressed up! We had Chili and Cotton Candy. After the trunk or treat we went home because Colin wasn't feeling so well. He had puked on his costume shortly after we got home so Josh and Colin stayed home while Taylor, Morgyn and I ventured through the neighborhood to do some trick or treating. Taylor LOVED it! She wanted to go go go! She loved getting to see the decorated houses and having everyone think she looked so cute as super girl!

Our sick buzz light year~

Mr. Clean~ Thanks Uncle Kal or the Idea :)

Taylor's preschool class!

Here are a few pictures from Carving Pumpkins. Tay loved loved it, Colin slept through most of it but was excited to wake up to a pumpkin lighting :) and Morgyn just wanted to eat it! Big surprise huh~

We had family pictures taken by the most fabulous Jake Johnson! They turned out great! Here are just a few! These are the ones I had Available not the best ones! I will get those on here as soon as I have them ready! :)

Multi Post Post :)

Well Seems that I have completely missed October and November so here is an update on what has been going on around here.

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