Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MORGYN turns 1!!!

Morgyn turned 1 on Feb. 6th! She wasn't feeling too hot and you can see it in her eyes. I can not believe still that she is 1! We took the kids to Ihop then came home and had cake and went to bed early trying to get her feeling better.

A little about Morgyn~ Our little MO is a sassy sweet thing. She will let you know how she is feeling about most everything. She laughs, crys and talks ALOT. She always makes noise. She isn't walking just yet but is getting closer all the time. She is really doing well health wise. We have had few scares or worries in the last year and are SO very grateful for her health! I love this girl and am so grateful for the blessing she is in our family!

Disney on Ice

My friend Ashley and I took our kids to see Disney on Ice. The kids LOVED it! I did too! It had a whole bunch of different disney characters. It was a little crazy taking all the kids but it was well worth it and a lot of fun!

Taylor Turns 5! January 6, 2010

Happy 5th Birtday Taylor!!!

Our Miss Taylor turned 5 on January 6th!
All she wanted for her birthday was a watch like mom's! So we got out the beads and she made herself a watch. She also had preschool on her birthday so she got to take cupcakes and treats for all her preschool friends. We then had cake at home with our little family and opened presents from grandparents and family. The weekend after her birthday we did a build a bear with some of her friends. When she was asked who we should invite she was sure she didn't want boys at her party! It was pretty cute. She wanted everyone to come but we had to put a limit somewhere! So she chose just the girls from her preschool class to join her at build a bear. She also sometime decided she no longer wanted a birthday cake she wanted birthday donuts. (sound like anyone we know? Grandpa Martin) The girls all made animals and had a little t-shirt to put on their pet. It was a lot of fun and I am completely amazed that my girl is 5!

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