Saturday, June 19, 2010

These aren't the best pictures but Look how big our girl is getting. She is SO outgoing and fun. She will try almost anything! She is rock climbing at Lifetime Fitness!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bowling for Colins Birthday

We went Bowling as a family for Colin's Birthday. He LOVED it of course. We just let the kids bowl and we helped. They had a ton of fun! They love trying new things and Colin knew it was his special day!

Big 3!

Can you believe it??? My little MAN is 3! Words can not express how much I LOVE this boy! He is my buddy and such a FUN kid. He makes us laugh all the time! He does and says the funniest things. He has a sweet kind heart and he is very curious. He LOVES his sisters and misses Tay when she is gone. He is very excited to start preschool in the fall and he is FINALLY! pretty much almost potty trained.... we had a good day including poops on the potty! Wahoo!

I just love him and am So so glad he had such a fun birthday.

Making wishes! This was on his actual birthday (June 2) we had his party the Monday before. Colin is all about Toy Story.

Happy Birthday to You!

Making a Wish

Hope all your Wishes come true Buddy!

We had lots of fun at the birthday party where we had a bunch of friends and family over to play in the water, have lunch and of course the dounut cake thanks to Ashley! Colin LOVES dounuts it was his perfect cake!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taylor's Final Preschool Graduation

Colin and his backpack! He can hardly wait to go to school just like Tay!

Taylor Loves her brother and sister and as you can See Morgy LOVES~Taylor Too! She wasn't feeling to well that day but couldn't miss graduation!

This is Taylor's 3rd preschool graduation but it is her final one! She starts Kindergarten In August! I can hardly believe it. I have been up and down on deciding which school to send her to and if she should be in full day or half day!

Taylor is a very sweet little girl. She is a great example and very smart. She LOVES her family she is always telling me and her dad how much she loves us. They called her the little mother of the preschool. She keeps everyone on task and is always there to help when someone is sad or gets hurt. We were so very proud of our Tay! We love her to pieces!

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