Thursday, February 18, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well Merry Christmas! This is mostly for me so I can remember well the precious laughter of Christmas 2009~

Taylor Put together this plate of Goodies for the Reindeer and muffins for santa too. There is peanut butter on the Pinecones and Glitter on everything so that it could be seen from the sky.
The morning after Santa and the reindeer came. They must have been somewhere muddy before our house. look at those foot prints :)

Morgyn Enjoying Christmas morning and a Candy cane

More Christmas morning fun.

Tay loved the Apron she got from Grandma and Grandpa Ward

Happy Christmas morning from our Boys.

Colin couldn't decide which toys to play with first!

We had a very Low Key but enjoyable Christmas. It was all about the kids! Josh and I didnt really exchange gifts. He got us a extra special present earlier in the month :) He did get me a GCU tshirt that I love though. He got some floss. lucky guy!!!
After spending the morning together playing games and resting we had dinner with the Abercrombie and Farabees. Loads of FUN! We are so lucky to have great friends to keep us company when Family cant!!!

Josh Turns 28!

Once again Tradition would have it that I make a seriously bad cake. I have so many talented friends and family members that I am sure that the blogging of my horrific masterpieces entertains many of you or at least is an ego booster for you! :)
Josh turned 28 on Dec 9th.... It was a low key fun evening as it always is. The 2 littlest kids and I suprised him at work with a little treat bag full of gifts... Nothing crazy but a few things he likes. such as muscle milks and almonds :)
Taylor seems to think that she gets to pick the theme for everyones birthdays so for daddy she chose SPIDERMAN!!! I made marshmellow fondant which was fun, I like to try new things even though I am rarely good at them. Anyway we did the best to make his day special and are looking forward to another great year! :) Love you Josh!!!!!

Thats alot of Candles. Daddy needed 2 helpers!

Thanks Giving In Idaho!

Let the Back Tracking begin! It is going to be Easter before I realize and here I am still stuck in 2009!!!!!

For the first time in our Married Lives we headed north to Idaho for Thanksgiving. Also the first time in At least 6 years since the entire Ward Clan has been together( we were missing some of the kids s. It was a great week! We got to meet Shayla who quickly became part of the family when her and Bob started dating. R.Jay and Aimee home from their missions and Grandma Ward doing pretty well!
We enjoyed spending time together playing wii and other games as well as getting to take Josh and the kids to Lava hot springs for the first time. Josh and I got to go out a couple times and it was just a lot of fun.
We also had Ward family pictures taken while we were there.

Our Beautiful Tay

Colin Rocking out with Rockband! He loved it.... I did too! :) See below for my intense Drumming Skills~

Grammy and Mo.

Nana and Mo

Yes, Rockband is serious business! R.jay, Aimee and I made a pretty sweet BAND!

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