Monday, January 24, 2011

My Taylor Turns 6!

Happy Happy Birthday to my Sweet Taylor! This girl has grown in such an incredible way the last year we love her tender heart, mothering spirit and the love she shares so openly around our home. Taylor is currently in Kindergarten at Legacy Traditional School hear in Maricopa. She really loves to learn and loves making new friends. She LOVES getting to spend time doing anything physical with her grandparents and family She recently started Rock Climbing lessons and is doing great!
Taylor had her cousins over on her actual birthday and then she also had a friend party on Saturday. We had a "Tangled" themed Party where the girls Painted Rapunzel's walls, Hit the pinata with a frying pan, made frying pan necklaces and decorated Rapunzel's braid with lots of flowers. They had a great time!

Christmas Vacation In Photos

Christmas Vacation and all that went along with it!

We got to go to Idaho for our Christmas Vacation for the first time in 7 years. It was full of mixed emotions. We had planned on going to Idaho on the Tuesday before Christmas to surprise my mom and Dad and get there a few days before we had told them we were coming. It ended up being a great blessing that we had planned to leave a few days early because Monday afternoon I got the devastating call that my Aunt Mary had lost her battle with Cancer. I have lost two of the most amazing women in my life in the last 6 months, it hasn't been easy but it has made me really cherish the women that I do have in my life. She fought with all her heart but in the end it was her time to go. I have had a hard time writing about this because there are so many regrets I have, so many things I wish I would have said long ago and I lost out on the opportunity. Her Children and husband and family did a wonderful job at the funeral, there were many laughs, tears and tender moments. Her kids have all written wonderful blog posts about her and given beautiful tributes that we will read often and I love them for sharing her with everyone.
After the funeral on Wednesday in Boise, we headed back to my parents place in Pocatello, It was a long few day in the car and the kids did WONDERFULLY we were really blessed by their Patience. We took the next couple days to get ready for Christmas and spend time with family. We spent Christmas Eve at Pier 49 helping my mom make pizza, do dishes and playing games. We also frosted cookies and Josh even delivered a few pizzas. We went home and spent Christmas eve night having a nice dinner and letting the Grandkids participate in a Nativity Scene, while Grandpa read the Christmas Story. It was fun for all. Christmas day was relaxing and fun letting kids run around and we took the Kids sledding, it was so COLD! I am not an Idaho girl anymore!!! Other things we did while we were in Idaho are:
Josh and Colin went Ice fishing
Played board games with family
Went to Lava Hot Springs (always a favorite)
I also got to go through a bunch of my Grandma's belongings and learn a little more about her which is always fun and special.

So after Idaho we head to Utah to spend time with Josh's Uncle Jeff and Aunt Becky they are always so sweet to welcome us to their home. On our way there we stopped at temple square and saw some of the sites and spent the day as a family. We arrived in South Jordan on the 30th and spent the 31st ( my birthday) there, The Hones made sure it was special for me, we played our favorite board games most the day and then Brianne and Brian arrived to spend New years eve with us! Mia and Taylor had a great time! It was fun for them to get to play together.

New Years day we headed home. We had such a fun fun fun almost 2 weeks away! It was rough getting back into the groove of things when we got home but I think we have finally done it.
Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday we sure did!

Happy 2011 to you all!

Thanks Giving

I don't have any pictures of Thanks Giving day but wanted to take the time to write about the occasion. I will have to see if my Sister in law has any pictures, I can't seem to remember if she does. That is the story of my life these days! Anyway

Thanks Giving day we spent in Glendale, at Justin and Chelsea's Home. Josh's parents Doug and Stacey were visiting and the grandkids always love to get to play together especially when Gramma Stacey and Grandpa Doug are around. Chelsea's parents were also there to visit, her Mom Caroline taught me to crochet which was my winter goal! I got to spend some time snuggling on new little Westin who was born the week before. We had a nice dinner and played games and did a craft with the kids, it was nice and relaxing to get to spend time with Family. We sure love all of our Martin Family and are so grateful for the time we get to spend with them, even though many of them are close we are all so busy that we don't get to spend too much time together but I love the relationships the kids are forming with each other despite the lack of time we have to spend!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I never win but it would be Grand

So I really want a silhouette! Like really really but I know I can't buy one so ..... Heres to wishing and hoping!

WINNER I hope I win I hope I win...
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The announcement

Well as I check out our blog and realize how neglected Blog World has been from the Martin Family.
So here is some of what you have missed. I haven't found my new camera :( so I can't upload pictures yet but anyway I will fill you in and post pictures later!

OH Yeah and I realized I never really announced the news! We of course are expecting baby number 4! We are thrilled and recently found out that we will be welcoming another BABY BOY into our home! We can hardly wait for him to arrive in June or possibly the end of May!!! I have had a pretty simple pregnancy so far and we feel very very blessed!

So look for Martin Family updates to come! Love you all!

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