Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Im back at life

As most of you know, the last month has been a really tough one for us/mostly me!
My grandma passed away. It wasn't a shock but it was REALLY REALLY hard. So early a Sunday morning Josh, Mo and I jumped in the car and headed to Idaho ( Colin and Taylor were already in Utah with Grandma and Grandpa Martin) We met up with the kids and headed to my mom's where I got to see my entire family which has been twice in a year, that is pretty impressive. I also go to see cousins and an aunt and uncle that we haven't seen in quite a while. Among the sad feelings we all shared our happy memories of Grandma and tried to celebrate her the way she deserved to be celebrated. The Funeral service was perfect. Dad sang and uncle Steve spoke. Grandma was standing above so proud of her boys. Her spirit was a strong presence in all the events of those few days. The talks were wonderful they suited her perfectly, helped us all cope with death well and were perfect words of comfort during hard moments. It really was so special for me and the rest of my family.

In the meantime back in Arizona, school had started Taylor missed only the first couple days but was excited to get back to start school. She started Kindergarten this year at Legacy Traditional School. We opted for half day, she is doing well and would probably love to do a full day program but I just can't let her go just yet. She is a fast learner and really loves school and home work.
Colin also started preschool as soon as we got back. He has grown so much and I think we have learned that we have a little lefty in the family. Josh thinks this makes a good reason to get him into baseball :) which of course I love. Nana Ward would love to watch that sweet boy play. I know in heaven he will have a little section cheering him on in whatever he does but Baseball would bring a huge smile to Nana and Papa's faces.

Other things going on is MOVING! I think everyone in Maricopa is moving except us! I know for now this is where we are supposed to be but it is hard to see good friends leave. That is the story of life though! Even with all the craziness we are moving on. Trying to move forward with live and get back in the swing of things, I wonder if it will ever happen. I am determined to find a new groove! (see post below) If someone else can do it I can too!!!!
The Pictures ended up a little crazy but maybe you can guess where they belong...
First couple are funeral services Morgyn is getting so big and Taylor holding new little Gavin.
While we were there Taylor decided she wanted her ears pierced so we had it done for her. Josh and the kids went fishing with Bob up to American Falls res. You can see the fish were huge :). Then Taylor's first day of school!

Bye Bye Boobies--KMLE

Bye Bye Boobies–Bet We Can Write a Song About THAT « KMLE Country 108

So I was Taking Taylor to school and i heard this! I loved it. The woman that shared her story was a warrior and it reminded me of too many women I know that have been wrecked by cancer. It breaks my heart beyond what words can express. " the big C" bombards the lives of many and more and more people decided to grab it by the balls and fight with everything they have. I admire that Im not sure i could do the same.
Tragedy seems to be around every corner the last month or so and as the song says " She's all cried out and done with the pouting" Im ready to be done, Im ready to get on with the fighting for life! I am blessed in so many ways why have I let myself get in the slump of tragedy. That is not what My grandma would have wanted, it is not what the close friends that are moving want, its not what my dear aunt who fights for her life wants. Im ready to move on. Be more productive and live life!

With love

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