Saturday, April 11, 2009


I finally caught some Smiles from Mo this week! She is growing still like crazy! She is beautiful!!!  

Blonde Boy

Well I did the unthinkable according to some. While getting my hair done the hairdresser had some extra bleach and we decided to bleach Colin's little mohawk! He didn't mind it a bit! He wasn't very still ( but is he ever?) so it has some brown still in it but he is cute no matter what! 
Here he is! 


Build a bear party

Taylor got to go to a birthday party at build a bear! What a great place. The kids all enjoyed it and Taylor has hardly let that bear go! She named her bear Taylor stars and now wants to name all her dolls and animals with shape names. A bit odd :) This was only the second birthday party taylor has been to since she has really gotten the entire birthday concept and I am hearing it daily about how she didn't get a party! 

Friday, April 3, 2009

2 Months

Well it is the first friday in April and guess what that means! Our Morgyn is 2 months old! I cannot believe it (well 8 weeks old today and 2month on the 6th.) I often sit in awe that we have her home safe and HEALTHY!!!! They told us when she was first taken to the NICU that she could be spending 6-8weeks in the ICU! I can't imagine just getting her chunky smiling face home. I cannot give enough thanks to our heavenly father that she is healthy and growing like crazy. She is weighing in at about 11lbs these days and has the cheeks to prove it. She is a wonderful blessing in out home. Her brother and sister adore her and Josh and I love to sit and hold her and love on her constantly. She lifts her head like a champ and is smiling alot. I have yet to catch one on camera. The times I have tried they are fuzzy cause she is WIGGLY! She moves all the time unless she is asleep.



We finished our Backyard last weekend and it only took us about a day and a half total!!! It is awesome to have another place for the kids to play and they are loving it! I enjoy having a place to layout and get some of that arizona springtime sun!

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