Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Getting Cooler

It is finally starting to cool down in the evening around here and not get hot quite so early in the morning. The kids are LOVING it! They spend as much tiem as I will allow them to outside during the day. Just running around, playing in the cars and just chillin. Here are some pictures of Colin... Happy not to have ria ria anymore and getting to be outside.... He was having so much fun!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Why! Poop and Puke (Read with caution or Skip all together)

I try hard not to do this! I have so many blessings in my life, 2 Beautiful kids, a wonderful husband, a great home and a new baby on the way. We are blessed in so so so many ways I feel like to complain when I have so many great things is seems unnecessary. But.... I need a moment-- I have cracked!
For those of you that attended The poop and puke tour of Highland High School Choir I think it was in 02-03. I feel like that is my life right now! Well not those of you that were puking and pooping (a moment of silence for you), but those who spent the time cleaning up after all the poopers and pukers.
This madness has gone on for about a month now and I don't know much longer it will last! I can take no more but feel like I have no choice but to endure.
Colin is my pooper and Taylor is my puker!
It started when we were in Idaho over labor day weekend and the week before. I keep thinking it is ending and as soon as I feel like sanity may return--4 Am or early rolls around and I hear Taylor in her bed Screaming in horror that it has happened again.PUKE! I feel horrible for her! The Doctor has nearly no advice! Some weeks it is every night. It will stop for 2,3 even a week or so and then with out warning she starts again.
Colin this poor boy! I don't know if it is teeth or if I am doomed to a life of cleaning poop and puke until they are teenagers! He will have about one solid poop until it all starts again. Acid poop! Sorry for this description! Starts with one nasty diaper then the diaper rash comes. It is not just a little red, it is this raw horrible red. I have tried every cream on they make and some that my Dad makes for me! Nothing seems to make it go away only makes it manageable. On top of all this I am pregnant although this all did come after my first trimester when I puke daily because of the lovely child that is growing inside of me. I now puke daily(well not quite) Because of the puke and poo I am cleaning off of various objects around my home.
So as my 3 year old and I both sit here in tears-- me because I am fed up, tired and pregnant and her because she is hungry and mom won't let her eat yet! AHHHHH! Now that I feel like I might survive another day and things seem to be settling back down with Josh off to work, Colin in bed with a clean diaper(at the moment)(# 4 since 3:30 this morning) and Taylor snuggled up on the Luv sac with a blanket, movie and a puke bucket and me feeling a little better having vented but still thinking I need a day to relax with no worries! HA~ like that will ever happen! I guess I will try to rest a bit more hope this isn't the calm of the tornado that may be my day but if it is I will take advantage of it and rest!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Our Ultra Sound went well on Thursday. We are having another little girl! Taylor goes back and forth on being excited and wanting another brother. She is somewhat still undecided about it. Josh and I are very excited! Colin however knows nothing of this thing called ababy sister and will probably be extremely jealous. We will see. With all the new changes going on in our lives right now he may just roll with it and be excited to have another sister to torture. We can hardly wait for Feb. to arrive. Taylor asks almost everyday when she can hold her the baby and be mommy's big helper!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Vinyl

Here are the latest creations. Be honest! I need help getting my ideas right :). Here is a picture of my tinkle targets ( for potty training big boys or little boys) let me know if you need some! Also fall blocks and trick or treat buckets to be personalized with child's name. FUN!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ultra Sound

I scheduled my ultra sound today so hurry and get your votes in! It is next Thursday the 18th of Sept.! I have no idea what we are having it feels so weird!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Preschool has Started again! Wahoo! I love having Taylor coming home jazzed about everything she has learned and done in 2 hrs not to mention the small break that I get to spend time with Colin and rest. If you get a chance I think there are pictures back in January from when Taylor started Preschool! She looks so different!

My attempt at Creativity

Well I am reaching deep into my inner self to try and find the creative bone that must be some where deep inside me. I got a cricut a couple weeks agos and love it just trying to figure it out how to work it out and possible start up a little business to make some extra $$ :) and the bows were a girls night that Taylor and I had just the 2 of us Colin was in bed and Josh out celebrating with his brothers and a friend.


Here are a few random pictures of the kids! Love them and hope you do too!


Well I am a failure when it comes to photography. I really do love it but I fail over and over again to take pictures of the most fun and important things! O well I will continue to keep it on my new years resolutions year after year so that one day I will maybe get it together! Anyway... The kids and I got to go spend sometime at my mom's house. Taylor and Colin had a GREAT time getting to be outside from the moment they woke up until I had to drag them in to eat, nap or go to bed. They were worn out and sick but they still had a ball. That same weekend (labor day weekend) Josh met us in Utah and we went to the Hunter Famiy Reunion ( my mom's family) in Bear Lake-- My very favorite lake in the country I think! The kids were sick most the time. Colin was teething and Taylor was sick every night. We washed ALOT of bedding and clothing! Non the less we had a great time but did have to skip out on seening Josh's Uncle, Aunt and other family to make it home and get our kids feeling better. (Thanks Nate for letting us crash at your house for a night on our Way home!)

Lucky Day

Well Im pretty Late with this entry but still want to be able to look back and remember it.

The Kids and I met Josh after work on Wednesday afternoon to go to Tempe Town Lake. It was our Lucky day! The place was completely empty! The weather was beautiful. A bit cloudy and a nice breeze! We couldn't have asked for more in the Middle of August in Az! Here are a few pictures! We had a great time.

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