Thursday, May 26, 2011

What else happened in May 2011

 Taylor had Kindergarten Graduation just a week after Ace was born, My parents (Gma/Gpa Ward) made it in time for graduation and to spend some time with our new little man, we got to do all sorts of fun things, we stayed at the Az grand, went to the park and to all sorts of different graduations and activities, here are a slew of pictures from the end of May. 

 Here are some pictures of Ace during his first month!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ace Kalvan Martin

Our Handsome little Ace Kalvan joined our family just before 11am on Wednesday May 11th. He came a few weeks before his due date but we sure are glad he did, I will give details on that toward the bottom so that those who wish not to read the details don't have to.
Ace arrived at 10:53am the bruise you see on his forehead is because he came out face up but still didn't give mom too much trouble during delivery. He is a light weight at 5lbs and 8oz and 18.75inches. Despite his tiny measurements he is a huge spirit in our home. He is quiet and calm so far. The kids adore him, he sleeps wonderfully, he is eating pretty well gets a little exhausted by nursing but he is so perfect! We are so blessed to have him join our family!

The Details:
So here are the details again as fare warning you may want to skips these but for some reason I know other Mom's care and want to know :) So as many of you know at 32 weeks I was put on bed rest, I had started to dilate and had a positive Ffn test( google it) so they gave me steroid shots and sent me to bed in hopes I could make it to 36 weeks. Those weeks were a struggle but with the help of MANY friends from the community and ward we did make it! At 36 weeks we were given the OK, to have baby! I had been to the hospital twice in my 35th week for contractions and dilating and although I didn't actually go fully into labor my body sure was trying, I was at a 4 by the end of my 35th week but they never felt is necessary to keep me at the hospital during that time. I went to the Dr. Monday and was a 4 or 4.5. Monday while Sheri and Grandpa Hone were visiting I was having a lot of contractions but before we decided to head back into the hospital Grandpa and Josh gave me a blessing and later that night the contractions stopped. It was a little frustrating, Tuesday night about 4pm Contractions started up again and this time they were harder than they had been in the past, I was hesitant to go to the hospital but we decided we had better go. I was checked into Triage and was a 5.0 but not contracting consistently so they had me walk and I had a little change so again they had me walk and then no change so about mid-night at a 5.5 they sent me home, I was in shock considering my last delivery that they would send me home I was NOT happy! On my way back home I was contracting again pretty hard but refused to turn around so I went home, showered and went to bed, I was having hard contractions for the next few hours and working through them until I thought my water had broke, when I got up to see I realized it was blood not "water" or fluid leaking and I passed a large clot of blood or what we now know could have been a portion of the placenta, ( its now 4:30am) Josh and I headed to the Hospital after he saw the blood he drove FAST!!!! So we were sure not to have another 347 baby. We checked in to triage at 4:55am and they checked me, I was a 7 so I was finally admitted. We were moved to labor and delivery and they needed to give me antibiotics because my strep B test hadn't come back yet so they tried not to check me or anything for the next couple hrs, After I received both sets if antibiotics they checked me and I was an 8 and my water was "bulging" so shortly after my water broke and things went quickly from there, after about 30 mins I was ready to push and so were all the other women in labor and delivery I guess because they didn't have a Dr. for me, Luckily Dr. Ragaini was walking by on her way to a c-section and had 10 minutes to deliver me~ She came in we pushed about 5 times and little Ace entered the world, he was face up so that is why I had nasty back pain much of my pregnancy and made the last few pushes a little challenging but my Sister and husband were there to help me through it, Ace had a big bruise across the top of his head but it has already faded and its really hard to see even in pictures. So when I delivered the placenta they realized that it was deteriorating and had probably been detached for a quite some time, they don't know why it detached or exactly how long it had been they just new it was in sad shape and that Ace probably wouldn't have been supported him much longer. So once again we were blessed with a perfect miracle. Child birth is so incredible! exhausting, scary and painful yes but the lords miracles are clearly visible there. I am so grateful our tiny Ace made it to us healthy and safe. He is perfect and amazing in every way!!!

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