Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Money Saving!!!!!

I have been doing couponsense since the end of May I think. I haven't had any huge savings yet and was beginning to doubt how worth it, it really is. Well today was my MOT ( moment of Truth) Fry's is doing a $5 of 10 mix and match products promo and I think I rocked it out! Here is was I got. Some items were not included in the promo just stuff I needed.

5 packages of Huggies wipes--.50 each! (With coupon)

2 boxes of Bagelfulss

2 bottles of vinegar--just needed it

4 boxes of cereal-- $1 per box

2 bags lays baked chip cracker things

3 shaving creams

1 box eggos

3 16oz daisy sour cream

2 soft soap-- hand soap

3 welches juice which came with a free sparkling grape juice

1 tyson anytiser-- chicken fries

4 boxes blueberry muffins just ran out and we love these

1 cattlemans bbq sauce--free with coupon

2 packages huggies diapers

1 5lb bag sugar

6 ramen noodles

1 pkg highlighters-free with coupon

1 pkg pens--free with coupon

2 gallons of milk

2.5 lbs of grapes

2.1 lbs bananas

in just coupons I saved 36.00

with the promo and by buying all sale items I saved at total of $97.96 (60%) savings!!!

I am proud of myself!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Dad's Bigger then your Dad!

Josh will probably hate that I posted these but I like them! Isn't he good looking! Taylor thought this was the coolest thing ever. She thought she was pretty neat up there on Dad's back!

My Aunt Mary

I tend to be an extremely emotional person as many of you know. I laugh alot, cry alot and at times yell alot! I recently found out that my mom's sister Mary has breast cancer. I have so many emotions that go along with this. I don't fear for her life at all she is strong and she has alot of strong family and friends standing beside her to help fight this. Anyway, the point of my post was I wanted to let everyone know that I love her and I know she is amazing. I also wanted to share a story because I have tried this with Taylor and her friends and it never worked quite as well as it did for her...

Many summers as I was growing up I would go to Boise area to spend time with grandma and grandpa and my cousins. I spent lots of time at my Aunt Mary and Uncle Don's House. Along with playing outside with the boys my aunt always "let" us play cinderella. Any little girls dream come true right! We would clean the entire house. Mop the floors with rags, dust, sweep and whatever else needed done that we could do. Then we would get dressed up and our hair done to go to the ball. Wow Mary made out well with that one. Not only were we entertained for hours but we cleaned the house. I'm not sure if its because she is still to small or what but this "game' does not work the same for Taylor.... She wants to play and she cleans for about 2 mins adn then I have to do nails, makeup, and hair for an hour or so after. She has lots of fun as I remember I did but the house does not get clean!

I just wanted to share that memory because it is one of my favorites growing up!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Wow--- Since the Poll ended up dead even I decided to extend it. Im not sure when we will find out what we are having I can't even think that far ahead. I have been pretty sick in the mornings and sometimes at night. FUN stuff! We are keeping busy with the kids and with new exciting oppurtunities!


Well Its been a while so I thought i would post a couple pictures of our goofy kids just trying to survive this Arizona summer!

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