Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moonlight Beach

Sunday before we headed home we went up to Moonlight beach, it has a play ground and grass near the beach and was lots of fun although I think next time we would opt for Cardiff by the sea or La Jolla Cove for a place like this or even Del Mar beach from what I have heard. Anyway it was still a lot of fun but rocky. After a morning at the playground and on the beach we stopped by the San Diego temple as we headed out of town which we failed to realize we were so close to the entire time we were there, as you can tell it is BEAUTIFUL and peaceful and it was a nice walk around before we headed the 5 hrs home.
We had a really really great vacation and I am so glad we get to do things like this! Hope it wasn't too overwhelming!

Torrey Pines

These pictures are backward so oops. On Saturday we went to Torrey Pines State reserve and beach, There is a hike down to the beach that was really green and pretty, it was a little gloomy on the walk down but as soon as we hit the beach the sun burst through the clouds and it was wonderful beach weather, we caught a crab and Josh, Grandpa, Lacey and the kids played in the waves a little and we enjoyed the sand, you can see how hard Morgyn was working in the sand with her tongue hanging out! She LOVES the sand and getting dirty, Taylor will play in the ice cold water for days and Colin likes a little bit of both but is always first to be done and ready to move on to something else. We then went back to the hotel had lunch, swam in the hot tub and then in the evening we went to the Mormon Battalion Museum which was really fun and cool to see, there was a covered wagon for the kids to sit in, Gold mining and brick laying and the story of the Mormon Battalion members that helped settle the San Diego area and the things they brought from the east that helped in the progression of civilization for the California Coast. It was a digital tour of sorts and I really liked it, we forgot the camera so I don't have any pictures of that. Saturday night we hit another WONDERFUL Mexican eatery and had an adventure full of laughs finding desert which of course Dad Martin needed (he he).

La Jolla

We got to take a weekend and go to San Diego, We have had a lot going on lately and with the long days and other activities the kids haven't seen a lot of Josh so we decided it was a much deserved little vacation. The weather was supposed to be poor but we decided we would go anyway and it was perfect!
The first day we went to La Jolla, saw seal beach, played in the waves and ate at our favorite little Mexican joint there. Then we met up with Doug, Stacey and Lacey for a few more hours of play and some ice cream. Our hotel had a really cold swimming pool and a warm hot tub so after being at the beach we went back and did a little swimming there and had Chili's for dinner ( my new favorite pregnancy food RIBS) it was just outside the hotel room door. It was a wonderful first day!


In February we took the kiddos to a GCU lopes basketball game. Josh and I went to 5 or 6 and Josh took the older kids to a couple also. We love watching the team play and supporting our school :) We all have T-shirts, hats and necklaces plus whatever else they hand out when you walk through the doors :) Its a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with the kiddos. Here a just a few pictures from the Valentines Game. (it was actually the Saturday before V-day)

Ice Cream

We love Frozen Yogurt and one trip to San Diego got us hooked on those little yougurt places that you get to try all the flavors then add all your own toppings, you pay per ounce kind of thing. Well our favorite one here in Phx(tempe) is Munchie on Ray! Mmmm We love to go there on Saturdays and sit outside to have some Ice cream. Colin and Tay are always really excited to try something new and fun ( side note for Maricopians-- we haven't made it to yogurt jungle yet)

Heart Walk 2011

This was our second heart walk and it was a beautiful day for a walk in Phoenix. We were joined by my best friend and her family along with My sister, nephew, brother and one of Josh's co-workers. I made the T-shirts this year instead of ordering them and I thought they turned out alright for not being any too great. We always have a wonderful time walking with other members of the Heart Community. Its a great time for us to reflect on our lives, health and family. Its a little emotional for me to see how far we have come from the day Morgyn was diagnosed. She is a wonderful little girl and we are so glad to have her and to have had the experiences her heart disease has brought us. Hope we get to walk with All of you next year!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Challenge

So I had so MANY great ideasshared with me in my quest to find the perfect challenge, many that I will work on along with what I have chosen but here is what I decided.
When I went to the book store to get the 12 step program book and to look for a couple other things I came across a great little book. It hit me then that this was it. I love it! Its called its never to late. It is a book of simple acts to enhance your life. BY Britney Rule. I am excited somethings will be simple little changes or reminders other will take more time be more of an effort and will be an ongoing process for years or a lifetime, but I will still conquer them as well. So if you would like to follow along or Join the challenge you can see it here! Your comments and love are welcome! Thanks everyone for the support and love while I came up with the challenge and I will get started soon! I still promise pictures and Heart Walk post here as well!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Challenge

I am looking for a challenge. No not that my life isn't challenging enough I just recently watch Julie and Julia or Julia and Julie I can't remember which it is. That is the wonderful workings of this pregnancy brain. Anyway that is not the point. I want to work my way through something. A cook book sounds fun I could definitely use the practice. I have thought of a few other ideas like a working my way through a sewing blog to improve on that or working through a craft blog and trying everything on there but then those are in continual growth how would that ever end. So I want a goal a mission a something to do when I am home and need some motivation to do a little bit more with my day and have that little bit more be something that I want and like to do would be all the better. I want something unique and different, we are already working on a stake reading challenge as a couple and I have added my own side to that to keep me faithfully reading my scriptures, So to those of you if there are many left who still read our blog.... What do you think? What can I work through? What would be a fun challenge??? What you you like to me see me try, fail and try again at? (I'm sure there will be some of that) Leave me your comments :) HUGS!


Oh and there are Heart Walk Pictures coming and a post about that to be here soon!

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