Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Email Updates Please!

I am preparing to send out an E-announcement out when our little one arrives! I have tried to send out other announcements with my other kids and never get them all out. So I will give it a shot this way! So if you would like to receive an announcement via email please leave me a comment or even better email me at so i can make sure I have your email address correct! THANKS!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A New Years Eve Tradition

This has become a small new years tradition to make big nasty burgers with a little bit of everything on them. I don't eat them but Josh and Nate take the challenge to the max and will finish the entire thing. They even put snickers on them this year! NASTY! They did eat every bite I think Nate even licked his plate just to push it over the top.

Making Cookies with Grandma

Love this picture. Making christmas cookies! She loves to cook!


These pictures are from the day after Christmas when Josh took the kids fishing because Taylor got a " Fish rope" from Santa. She has been asking for one since September. She was slightly disappointed not to catch a fish although it may have tramatized her to actually catch one who knows, maybe she has a tougher skin than I know. Anyway even though it was REALLY cold ( for arizona) they enjoyed being out with thier dad and trying the new toy out!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Taylor is 4!

I can not believe it! My Little girl turns 4 today! She also starts back to preschool from the holiday break! She is having the ultimate day! Here are pictures from this morning opening her presents then we are going to go to Amazing Jakes to celebrate as a family! More pictures of that to come!

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