Sunday, July 25, 2010

Church is Dangerous

So here it is.
I was closing the dividers between the overflow and the cultural hall at church, I was wearing my heels and pulling the accordion wall with all my might when my foot slipped under the edge of the wall and along the sharp metal that the bottom.... Slice... Blood... uh oh!
So I ran out to the hallway to the bathroom where the fabulous sister Bogel was there ( she is a nurse) she helped me get the blood under control and taped me up! She was fantastic. Then the news came that Brother Porter ( a PA) was in the building so someone grabbed him for me. He took a look and decided it needed stitches. Well I had a class to teach and didn't want to go to urgent care so Brother Porter was kind enough to run home and get his first aid kit. We went into the High council room ( about the only empty room in the building) and Stitched me up. He numbed it good and then gave me three little stitches and sent me on my way. It was a little dramatic but not too bad. Only my third time having stitches because of an accident! and only 1 time has been in a hospital funny huh. anyway all is well just a funny story! Be careful out there at church :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sea Life Aquarium

Grandma Ward( My Mom) Is visiting while we await the arrival of Valerie and Brian's little man.... Waiting!!! :)
Anyway yesterday we took the kids to the Sea Life Aquarium, it is small but it is indoors, air conditioned and the kids had a great time. It only took a few hours to see and enjoy everything. It was a perfect amount to spend with the kiddos not having to stop for lunch or anything like that.
We saw sharks, jelly fish, Sea horses ( my favorite, and the 2nd best display of sea horses I have seen, shed aquarium being the 1st)
Rays and lots of tropical and fresh water fish.
It was a good time!
Hope you enjoy the pictures

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