Monday, May 17, 2010

Cardiologist Update

Cardiologist update today! I STRESS OUT! When these come around every 6 months! I get this terrible knot in my stomach and feel insane all day until they are over. This appointment was extra scary to me because if Morgyn didn't behave we would have to sedate her for an echo... I was not looking forward to the fight and I was almost positive that she was going to freak out and squirm and we were going to have to come back. She is 15 months could I really expect her to be good the entire time? No, and she wasn't but.... to my joy and surprise we got all the pictures of her little wonderful working heart that we needed.
She did SCREAM like we were torturing her for the first 20 minutes or so but after I found a lip gloss in my purse she munched on that ( gross I know but its better then sedation) for a while she settled down and watched Elmo the rest of the time. I felt like my prayers had been answered and that the lord was certainly watching over me...
(I'm about ready to blab so skip to the pictures if you would like)
I am in complete awe of how blessed we are. I don't think I deserve these blessings often and maybe it is Morgyn's faithfulness and not mine that gets us these extra blessings but every time we go to the cardiologist it seems things are getting better and I couldn't ask for more!
First- I am so so so Grateful that we have Dr. Rhee as a Doctor, I did not pick him, I did not do research to find him... he was handed to us and he is AMAZING! He is so kind , funny and he remembers my child!!!! I think that is huge! He is so sweet with her and always makes me feel like I know what is going on. Never leaves questions unanswered and I have always felt like he has our very best interest in mind. How did we get so lucky????
Second- just to mention that the Doctor that actually did Morgyns procedure just did the first pediatric heart transplant in AZ ( see the article here) Is it amazing or what that he is the one that saved our little lady! I sure am grateful!
Third- Morgyn's heart is nearly perfect now! I realize that she still could relapse but the chances are low (10%ish) and she is growing so wonderfully as you can see! Dr. Rhee said today that " she's a keeper" :) in his word she is wonderful! He said she has very minor narrowing of her valve, she is in normal range.... Normal range for ANY CHILD!! not just a child with heart disease. She almost doesn't even need that nasty heart disease title anymore!!! But we must keep it just to be cautious! I love this girl she is an amazing spirit and is so sweet. I love that we get to keep her and that she is so very healthy now! She is a unique addition to our home and I am ever indebted to our heavenly father for allowing her to stay here on earth with us and help us to grow!
Last- We get to see Dr. Rhee again in 6 months and if all is well it will be a year before we see him again! Love it!!!!

Sorry These of course are backward!

So Very Happy To Be finished!!!

Finally settled down enough to get some good shots! JQ was awesome!!! It is Dr/Nurses like him that make going to the Hospital/Dr. Office bearable

Just arrived at Dr. Rhee's Office. She looks like she knows whats next and she isn't thrilled about it! She was a tired baby!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Suns Fan?

The Game was Intense
She is Beautiful

Mmmm Popcorn

Lovin it!

Its no secret that we love the Sacramento Kings but the Suns are hot stuff here in the Valley of the sun and you can't help but watch when they are in the playoffs even Morgy got in on the action. She was in heaven in her little chair, watching the suns game and eating popcorn! GO SUNS!!! and KINGS!

We are still Here!

Just showing you how crazy we have been lately, Spring is here and we are spending a lot of time playing outside, wrestling with each other in the evening and eating a lot of tasty fruit!!
I don't have the perfect family but I sure think my kiddos are great... they really get along so well and the older ones are so awesome with Morgyn! I just love them! I am so proud to be their Mom and wonder often how they turned out so wonderful!!!! I hope you enjoy their craziness as much as I do!

April 2010

I changed my mind I couldn't miss out on blogging about our wonderful trip to California.
Grandma and Grandpa Hone had their 5oth Wedding anniversary at the beginning of April. We go to join pretty much the entire Hone Family to Celebrate in Sacramento! It was great to get to spend time with everyone. After a few days in Sac and spending a couple of awesome days with our good friends the Evans and getting to see Grandma Martin we headed to Hanford to see Grandma and Grandpa Martin, always a great time! We had pic-nics, went swimming and played ALOT with cousins it was so fun! Thanks to Justin and Chelsea Taylor got to stay a few extra days after Mom and Dad came home! We missed her so much but she proved to be a very good little girl we were so proud of how brave and big she was while she was away! Lots of fun here are a few pictures to enjoy.

Colin Boy
Oops I didn't rotate this one... sorry Josh and Colin at the anniversary Party

The whole Martin/Bell/Gray Clan.... Josh's Mom and all her kids and grandkids
Playing in Hanford

Morgyn and Brynn sharing a plate at the pic-nic they are so funny together!

Grandpa Hone and Morgyn first time they met!

The entire Hone Family! (well we were missing just a few)

Heart Walk 2010

Instead of playing catch up with the exception of the hear walk Im going to just play keep up and see how that goes!
So the heart walk.... What a wonderful experience Morgyn's first heart walk was. It was SUPER special to have so much family here! We all had matching T-shirts and walked together... We had a TON of support and donations made in Morgyn's honor ( so much in fact that I was asked to be on the heart walk board for 2011, I am very excited) It was just awesome to honor her fight and support the Heart Association. We are so very greatful that we got our little girl back to us healthy by supporting the American Heart Association we can help others learn more about infant heart disease as well as fighting heart disease in adults!!!

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