Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Miss Ella

Oh this little girl. She is as naughty as they come. From poo painting to playing in the toilet, coloring on the walls, and any other naughty act you can think of she has done it or will with in the next month or so. She is on a roll! Then we have breaks, nights like tonight when I sit and think Where has my baby gone??? Look at her she has grown so fast. It feels like yesterday that I was wondering if she would be more like Colin or more like Taylor. Well she is neither she is all MORGYN! she has a wonderfully mischievous personality. She is loving and kind and sassy and mean all at the same time. She is drama!!! She is funny and She is also very determined! You can see in the pictures she is a little ham and quite stubborn too. She has a lot of patience for a 1 year old as well. She loves to play with Babies and eat. She loves to color and do ANYTHING that Colin and Taylor do. She is so fun and so special. I just love her and am so glad that we were blessed with her. Even when she is naughty!

Girls Night Goodbye

So just over a week ago my dear sweet friend Gina Lee moved! We were so so sad to see her go and miss her everyday but know that her and her family have new and exciting things happening in their lives! So to say goodbye or better yet see you later to one of my favorite people what did we do? We had the bomb of girls nights!! We stayed at the AZ Grande, 6 of us! We stayed up all night like we were 12 again and all felt it the next day remembering quickly that we are no longer 12!! We swam, ate a ton of junk food and had our tootsies painted because Gina does the best toes around! I love when she does my zebra stripes and I will miss it!!! Anyway we felt like teenagers again and made wonderful memories! We love the Lee's! Good luck to them on their new adventures!!!

Maureen, Teri, Gina and I

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