Sunday, April 20, 2008

Z is for Zoo

Tay has been learning all her letters at school. A few weeks ago they were learning all things Z. Since that time she has had zoo on her brain! So a couple of weeks ago we went one Monday morning to the zoo we spent the entire day there checking out the animals. She made a new friend. The elephant.... we happened to be there when a zoo volunteer was doing a question answer segment on the elephants. She discovered that the elephant was named Reba and would yell to her over the fence. After a long day at the zoo we got in the car as she burst into tears because she forgot to say good bye to Reba. I had bought her a stuffed elephant that she named Reba of course and she has hardly put it down since the moment she got it. We went back the next Monday with some friends and she was very glad to see that Reba was ok even though she hadn't said goodbye!

Colin enjoyed spending time outside and got a kick out of watching all the people coo at him. He was a real trooper through those long warm days sitting in a stroller most of the time.
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I can hardly believe how time has flown! Colin started walking about 2weeks ago! Its incredible he will be 11months tomorrow and he is a champion walker! He is so different from Taylor. Its been such a fun journey all though it has gone by so quickly. So horray for Mr. C.

This Video is a couple weeks old but I wanted to post it so you can see the difference. He started pretty wobbly but now he walks like a pro. We went to Tempe Market place last night and he walked up and down the shops for about an hour checking out all the people and pulling clothes off the displays. He loved it!


Well better Late then never I suppose! Here are Easter pictures. We spent Easter with Joe and Cynthia and their family. We had a great relaxing day, it was wonderful.

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