Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February ALREADY?!

Holy smokes wasn't it just October!!! How does this happen! Time of course is flying by and I have not stopped long enough to document and capture the joys of our life! One more thing I have failed at... Oh well we sure have been enjoying our time. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas and the New Year has taken us by storm! We have found ourselves super busy with Work, callings, School, basketball, play groups and just enjoying each other.
I just can't believe it is February already! I know this happens to me every year but Feb hits me personally like a brick wall. I rather enjoy it because the special memories of this month force me to slow down and really really enjoy my kids and express our gratitude for their health and safety.
This last year has been a great one for our Little lady, We sincerely miss her Cardiologist in Arizona, we had  been released for a year from him and when we moved to Utah and found a new one, after he checked her out released us for 2 YEARS! exciting and scary all at the same time... For those that don't remember or have  never heard Morgyn's story you can read it here and here.
So I got emotional a little earlier this year than usual, the thought of missing our annual heart walk around Tempe town beach is really hard for me. I love the time we have spent remembering how blessed we are to have our little angel and walking in honor and with families who have had more of a struggle than we have. I will certainly miss that. We will still honor Go Red Day on Friday Feb 3, many of our friends near and far have committed to join us in supporting the American Heart Association in Morgyns honor.
Join us on Friday and GO RED FOR MORGYN!

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