Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet Morgyn

Our Sweet Morgyn Ella Martin decided to join us in a nice hurry early Friday February 6th. She entered the world in the front seat of grandpa Ward's car near the 177 mile marker of highway 347.  Only about 10 mins from home and a good 20 mins from the Hospital in Chandler. Grandma Ward was able to keep a cool enough head to pull over and catch her. She handed her off to me and we were back on the road all of us in a bit of shock. We arrived at the hospital ER where they quickly cut the umbilical cord and made sure baby was doing fine and finished up with me. Dad and the kids arrived about 20 mins later to enjoy baby sister for a little while. 
At first glance everything was going well we got to hold feed and enjoy Morgyn to her fullest for about the first 15 hours of her life. During those hours she slowly was turning blue. First they thought it was bruising from her quick and unusual delivery. Then they realized that this was a different problem. Thanks to the quick actions of our Nurse Marlene and the other Staff of Chandler regional they quickly identified a heart problem and transported her to St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. After an ultrasound they discovered that she had a valve in her heart that moves the blue blood into the lungs so that she can breathe correctly and be pink instead of blue. :)  This valve was to small to do its job and the temporary valve that had been supporting her thus far in life was closing quickly. 

 On Saturday Morning she was diagnosed with pulmonary valve stenosis which is a tight valve in he heart that was not allowing enough blood to flow through it and in turn the blood was flowing back through the body instead of to the lungs where it belongs.  We waited for the doctors to decide if a heart catheter would work or if she would need open heart surgery. After many tests and monitoring the team of doctors decided that Morgyn was a good candidate for a heart catheter and scheduled the procedure for Tuesday morning. 

The procedure is to enter a catheter through a vein in the leg and feed a small wire up to her heart. They would then insert a small balloon on to the wire and inflate it in hopes that the balloon would some what tear the tight valve to open it enough for an appropriate amount of blood to flow through.  The team of Doctors that did the procedure took great care and did an amazing job sending our baby girl back to us with a working heart. We couldn't be happier thus far with the results. 

She is currently still in the hospital recovering. She is eating well and breathing great on her own. We are hoping to bring her home in a couple of days if everything continues to go well. We can't thank the staff at St. Joesph's enough for all they have done in helping our sweet girl and making us comfortable and helping us understand everything that has come along with this adventure. We are truly grateful to all of you who have helped out in so many ways and supported our family through this rocky time. The amount of prayers and love that has been sent to us is overwhelming and I am so grateful or all of them and the many blessings that we have received from our heavenly father. We will let you know when she gets to come home and keep you updated.  Enjoy the pictures of our girl. Love you all 
Kara, Josh and Family


Mama J said...

Okay, you're a champ. And Morgan looks really healthy. I'm glad things are okay. What a bit of a scare, but we know Heavenly Father is looking out for your family. We love you guys and has it hit yet that you have a family of 5!!!?? Um craziness. Keep us updated.

The Evans

Boyles Blog said...


Ok that is all so amazing. As I was reading I was thinking oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I am glad to hear that everything went well so far and we will definitely keep you in our prayers. Let us know if you need anything.

Tony and Alisha Boyles

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your family often.
Patrick and Garry

The Five Moores said...

I am so gald Morgyn's procedure went so well! Kara you and Josh are amazing. This has probaly been a big stress on you both. But she sure is worth it. I bet your excited to take her home!
love ya tons

Bree said...

Beautiful, darling girl! Congratulations! And hang in there.

Howard Family said...

Hey Kara congrats on your litte girl shes beautiful. I'm so glad that everything worked out and thats shes ok. Thats so crazy that you had her in the car I cant even imagine. You have a beautiful little family :)

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