Thursday, May 31, 2012


 We are in LOVE. Yes we have only been using them less then a week but we are seeing changes already. That is what I like instant results! I know the longer term ones will be even more motivating.
What is DoTerra you ask? Its essential oils. These are natural healing. Now If you know much about me we are lovers of modern medicine as well! Of course it was modern medicine that saved our sweet Morgyn 3.5 years ago. I am a believer that it certainly has its place. I have also seen modern medicines destroy lives through addiction and chemicals and that is where I see such a need for holistic and natural medicines such as DoTerra. If you want to know more about Essential oils check out my site or email me or comment here with your email and I will get back to you.

 Our first win was with constipation. No one likes a grumpy baby and constipation makes for a GRUMPY baby. Since Ace was an infant we have had trouble getting him to poop, we had to use suppositories even when he was nursing. After he started on the bottle and formula we had to put miralax in EVERY bottle and still we often had rock hard poops. So then we would have to put extra in. So while we were on Family vacation we were introduced to the whole line of DoTerra Oils. I had heard of them before but had never been taught about all that they could do. Ace had been really grumpy because of constipation for a couple days when Digestzen was suggested to us. We used it 1 time-- 3-4 drops on his tummy and my boy pooped 6 times in 24 hours!!!! Unheard of for this kid! This was amazing for us!  And so our DoTerra Journey begins! We are really excited and hope to have more wonderful success stories to share throughout the years!

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